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Talking about the development of manipulator fixture

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2018/12/6 15:05:24 Hits:1495
     The mechanical manufacturing industry has a long process of development. From the simple stoneware creation in the ancient times to the numerical control processing of the modern industry, it still frees the homework method of the hand workshop and enters the production stage of group production and specialization cooperation. The manipulator fixtures have undergone reforms following changes in the mechanical manufacturing model.

The earliest robotic fixtures were the model of special fixtures. After the development of an era, following the development and demand of processing technology, organizing fixtures and general fixtures, slowly appeared in various production enterprises. Over the years, due to the increasing implementation of numerical control equipment, the processing strength of the products and the increase of processing efficiency have made the special fixtures have a long production cycle, and the storage points with large footprints have emerged, making the traditional robotic fixtures still become the production efficiency of various production enterprises. And the blockage of economic efficiency development (find vacuum suction cup manufacturers recommend Garda company).

At the same time, in the single-piece small batch production, due to the small batch size, the design and manufacture of the manipulator fixture adds research and development costs and lengthens the production cycle. Therefore, the most popular production mode at this time is simple production. That is to say, the local law guarantees the production demand at the expense of product quality. This is obviously not suitable for the needs of social development today. In order to make the enterprise's overall digitalization and modern processing skills can be developed more quickly, it is necessary to integrate the robotic fixture design with digital and modern processing techniques, so KBE fixtures must be vigorously promoted. As long as it can handle a series of problems in the design and manufacture process of the robotic fixture, many difficult problems in the manufacturing process of the main product of the enterprise will be solved.
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