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Kunshan Chengzhichuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Quality technology is the life of an enterprise. We start with production, start with every employee, pay attention to quality and improve quality. Production is strictly in accordance with drawings and samples to ensure that the best quality products are delivered to customers. When we receive the customer's dismantling, we track the processing as soon as possible and improve production until the customer is comfortable.

Persevere in perseverance, and gradually build the core values of “equality, pragmatism, passion and innovation”, and always adhere to the development philosophy of “technology is king, innovation-based”, and strive to achieve “career retention, treatment retention, and emotional retention”. people".

Development concept: to provide users with first-class products, first-class service
Entrepreneurial spirit: modest and forge ahead, open up the future, make great efforts, and strive for progress

Business objectives: develop and seize the market, strengthen management, improve, and strive for excellence! Ensure quality creates quality, improve efficiency and development! Cultivate first-class team, pursue first-class technology, manufacture first-class products, and provide first-class service.
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